10 Ways to Become More Productive Starting Today

1 – Sleep. Make sure you get enough sleep – good quality sleep. The average person needs 7-9 hours of sleep per night to be truly rested and productive, so cut out the late nights and go to bed an hour earlier. Make sure to cut out late-in-the-day caffeine and other stimulants, and sleep in a quiet, dark room for the best rest. Oh, and leave your electronic devices in another room to recharge overnight!

2 – Eat breakfast. That’s right, eat something for breakfast – but don’t just grab a pastry or a can of something, take the time to eat something healthy. And make sure your breakfast includes protein for staying power! My go-to “I’m in a hurry” breakfasts include: mini veggie quiches (I make them ahead for a week at a time), yoghurt and fruit smoothies, or sliced apple with cheddar. A good breakfast will fuel your day and keep you clear-headed.

3 – Move your body. Spend 15 minutes every morning in gentle movement to get your heart pumping, your blood circulating, and your brain humming. What do I do? I do a few minutes of light, impromptu aerobic dancing followed by a few minutes of yoga. Then I walk a mile to the train

4 – Take 5 to Plan. Take just 5 minutes to plan your day – a simple list or a fancy schedule, as long as it covers what you need to get done. Some people like to do this the night before, some people prefer to do it in the morning – but however you prefer it, DO IT. And be sure to prioritize items that cannot be pushed off to another day. A few minutes of planning can save you hours of frustration when you missed a payment deadline – or a business opportunity deadline!

5 – Take 5 to be Grateful. Take a few moments every day to recognize what is good in your life, and to express gratitude: to God, to family, to friends, to co-workers, to clients, to anyone who has contributed something good to your life. This can be a prayer, dashing off a quick note, or a hug – whatever is appropriate. Try to always recognize the moments where a simple thank you can be said,

6 – Disconnect. That’s right – turn off your phone, your email, your internet – disconnect. Not forever, but for periods of time when you need to focus. Successful people understand the importance of keeping “hours” for email and phone. Unless one is truly have a life-or-death moment, there is no excuse for checking texts, emails and social feeds 24/7. Not to mention that this is just rude! Turn everything off at bedtime, keep everything off until needed in the daytime.

7 – Drink Enough Water. Steer clear of coffee and soda and “energy drinks” and keep hydrated – your brain will thank you! Caffeine and sugar may provide a quick jolt, but in the long run you are more productive without them. I keep a refillable water bottle on my desk.

8 – Do Not Compare. Don’t compare your results, your goals, your life to those of other folks – this only leads to dissatisfaction and is a major distraction from what you should be doing. Focus on your goals, your results, and what you can do at any given time. Can we still look to others for inspiration? Of course! But if you find your inner voice becoming discouraged, discontented or envious – it’s time to look at you and not at someone else.

9 – Use Your Commute Reading. Whether you prefer regular books, ebooks, or audio books – commute time is an ideal time to keep up to date with your reading list. (And we all have a reading list, right? A list of key non-fiction titles that will keep us current in our fields, inspire us, help us to grow…)

10 – Slow down! Take time to breath, time to plan, time to just think. Productivity isn’t about rushing around, it’s about creating results. You cannot create over the long haul if you crash and burn, so pace yourself.

From: How to Build Your Successful Life